World Play Day 2022 | Dra. Frida Kim’s Message

Rediscover Play – Recover Through Play

This Year’s WPD Theme, selected by the ITLA Board is very ambitious. A theme chosen, in the words of the ITLA chairperson “to encourage the globe to use play to start healing despite the pandemic”.

World Play Day is for the World to Play and acknowledge the value of it. I am sure this booklet will give many suggestions as to how this can be done. What I have to say is concerned with each one of us as individuals and I have 3 points.


1. A short Poem (written by me for use in one of “My Playway Books”

Talking with a Friend Talking with my Dad 

Talking with just Anyone Is FUN I wish I had

Talking helps me Know Talking helps me Grow

Talking puts my “inside, outside” where it can Show

The little boy was asked what he would like for Christmas and promptly replied  “a Dad who plays with me”!

That surely shows the child was smart

But what an ache was in his heart!


2. Several years ago a friend from World War II days wrote in response to my WPD Message and used the phrase “If  only adults could release the Play that is within them”

How True! This was in response to a suggestion I had made which is my 3rd point.


3. “Watch a child Play today”

When children are allowed the freedom to play as they please they do so with total abandonment. They play what they feel, with what is available and with those they like (or choose) OR play alone.

(NB. Adults should be nearby to ensure safety and the space should provide only what is suitable to touch, explore and play with. THESE DAYS IT IS NEVER SUITABLE TO LEAVE CHIDREN UNSUPERVISED.)

To re discover play we need to start with ourselves,

  • Find a friend to talk with
  •  How Can I find FUN
  •  What can I find in myself to help others feel happier

Recently I was surprised when one of my 22 year old grand children said ”but grandma talking with you is Fun!”. What can I learn from watching children play?

Am I ready. What can I release in to this world to make it a better place. Watch a child play today. Am I waiting. Join a child play today. Am I ready.  Start  Now!

Be ready for WPD on May 28th 2022     

Freda Kim